Monday, December 21, 2015

What's new at the end of 2015?

It has been 10 months since I last updated this blog.  I can't get to everything but here are three highlights.

State Funding

I did the work, and it worked!  But, I've had a lot of guidance navigating through the strict applications and development of a program that was eligible for state funding.  Many thanks to Ted Malt and Lori Gramer for your help!

This is the best "new" thing with SoundisRed.  The Michigan Center for the Arts and Cultural Affairs provided a grant to cover five SoundisRed STEAM presentations this past spring (2015).  I've also been accepted into the prestigious Michigan Touring Directory.  This directory is distributed state wide and will provide partial funding for any SoundisRed program.  If you're interested in booking a SoundisRed program please review the booking tab on the SoundisRed webpage.

New Studio

Again, many thanks due to friends and family with the construction of a music studio I can call my own.  It took about 6 months but I've never been more productive and happy with a work space.


 "In a Word" music/video blog

Make art with purpose.  If you don't have a purpose, make a purpose.  The purpose of this music/video blog is compose music that captures the definition of a word.  It's simple, yet challenging.  

When working on a track I take a few extra minutes to set a camera for capturing its development.  I always enjoyed that kind of content with other artists so I want to provide that as well.  You can listen and watch all of this content on the Music / Video blog tab on the SIR website.

I have a feeling that this "In a Word" music/video blog will be the beginning of a live show.  Maybe even the SoundisRed live show I've always wanted to create.  Better yet, I'm working on a plan to make it a reality.

Until next time.


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